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Personal Statement Writing Help: What Makes the Statement Look Good?

  • A Complete Overview about Yourself

    How you want the admission officer to perceive you is in your hands. So, make sure you give a general idea about your goals, values, achievements, and experiences in your personal statement essay.

  • Storytelling Approach
    Your personal statement should be inspiring, engaging, and easy to read. For this, you can choose a theme and go with the flow to underline all the highlights of your life rather than just listing them down in a monotonous way.
  • Good Writing Skills
    Remember that you are applying to an educational institute. You will be evaluated by your writing skills including your command over paper structuring, formatting, and overall language. Therefore, ensure giving the best you can to get accepted by the admission committee.
  • Fulfillment of All Admission Requirements
    Every school has different requirements that the candidates are bound to meet. Failure to do so can result in rejection of your application. So, before writing the personal statement, read the instructions carefully, and seek help if anything is unclear.
    Catchy Introduction
    Usually, it’s the first few lines that the admission officers read to evaluate whether or not the candidate is deserving. That’s why you should write the introduction in an engaging and appealing to read.

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